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1st, 2nd, 5th Friday Tango/Milonga Dance Social 


Weekly Sun Salsa/Bahcata Dance at BDS 

Weekly Sunday Salsa Bachata Dance Social.
- Dj JC

Salsa Intro Lesson at 7pm -$12 cover

Open Dance 7:45pm  -11pm Dance only $8 cover

All Ages Welcome!

Belltown Dance Studio
2217 3rd Ave. suite 102
Seattle, WA 98121

Montly Friday Salsa/Bachata Dance Party 

BDS Monthly Friday Salsa Bachata Dance Event. For month of July, we are featuring Salsa 8 Bar Challenge!

Seattle Salsa Intermediate Dancers, we challenge you to learn this awesome Salsa 8 bar routine in 1 hr, perform it in 3rd hr of the event. 2 winners will receive a full summer pass to Salsa on Alki Beach starting that very Sat. July, 11th. Feel free to bring your own partner.
This would be taught On1 & On2 but demo will be done On1.

Techqnine & patterns by Jim Chow​ of Belltown Dance Studio​ & Michael Burton Cahn​ of Salsa Sueños de Salsa​

Ladies Styling by Heather DAngel​ of Sound in Motion Dance

8:15pm 45min Salsa intro lesson $15 w/Dance Event cover

9:15pm - 1hr intermediate level 8 Bar Challenge/Workshop $22 w/Dance Event cover

Dance only $10 cover
21-ID for drinks

Dj Michael Cahn


Belltown Dance Studio
2217 3rd Ave Suite 102
Seattle, WA 98121

Welcome to the first event for the 2015.  
Salsa on Alki Beach Dance Party. A great summer dancing on the beach!  Thank you for all whom have RSVP! Unfortunately we CAN NOT accept anymore RSVP. We are to our maxim capacity. Please check out our week 2 Alki event on July 18th
There are more upcoming dates on Alki: Aug 1st, 8th, 22nd, and Sept 5th, 12th

If you are a have already RSVP, to ensure we have a spot for you, we are limiting sales to ONLY 750 tickets out of 4,500 RSVP. You must pre purchase your ticket in advance to attend by this Sat. July 4th. Please read the guidelines below as some details have changed.

-- New Salsa on Alki Guidelines & Info --

-3:30pm Zumba
$10 pre sale, 100 open spots. Make sure to check in by 3pm.

-4:30pm Beginners' Intro Lesson & Dance till 7:30pm ONLY
$10 pre sale, 100 open spots. Make sure to check in by 4pm. The beginner dance ends at 7:30pm to make room for Level 2 through adv. dancers attending the event.

-7pm-10pm Salsa Dance Only: Experienced dancers
$10 pre sale, 650 open spots. please check in by by 6:30pm.
Experience Dancer Season full pass for 7 dance events $60 These full season will be limited, purchase deadline July, 4th (check in time rules do apply)

All pre-sold tickets & full season passes are non-transferable and non-refundable if an event is canceled due to rain. They can NOT be used for future credit.

To assure your spot, purchase your ticket at:

Tickets can be purchased at the event, but are subject to availability!
*We cannot guarantee you a spot unless you pre-purchase your tickets!*

As much as we'd LOVE to see you all there, due to limited floor space, please attend ONLY if you pre-purchase your ticket or are willing to wait for standby tickets (No Guarantee!)

Stand by attendees with NO guarantee entry
Price point:
Zumba 3:30pm $15
Beg, intro lesson 4:30pm $15
Level 2-Adv level Dancers 7:30pm $15

Dj Michael B Cahn
Salsa and Bachata


2719 Alki Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116
-Please allow extra time for parking or make other transportation arrangements.

All dance shoes are welcome as we have a dance floor laid out for your pleasure. (Note: Shoes with duct tape or sharp metal objects, such as staples or exposed nails,  are NOT allowed!)

Feel free to take photos or videos

-Volunteers/staff are wanted for 1-3hrs. 1:45pm-3:30pm - 10pm-10:45pm, please txt or call us for details at 206-930-7246

-Each event might include various performances and raffles drawings.
-- Wristbands --
As a friendly reminder, we ask all dancers to wear a special wristband purchased prior to your dance; please make sure it's visible to avoid being escorted off the floor by security in the middle of your dance.
-- Note to Promoters --
Though this is a public park, we must obey local law & city codes, This space is a rented by Belltown Dance Studio and all advertising, fliers, business cards, etc. are ONLY allowed by the "Renters/Organizer or our sponsors" (Belltown Dance Studio). All violators well be escorted off the site. If you wish to promote your company/events. you must get approval by event organizer and ask how to become a sponsor (please contact  the organizer at 206-930-7246).

***We ask that all dancers please alert our security staff if you see someone violating any of these guidelines.***

We THANK YOU for your understanding and your continued support to keep these awesome outdoor dance events going. Your feedback is always welcome, so please feel free to send us an email at
we look forward to seeing all of you at the beach!

Host & Founder of Salsa on Alki Beach:
Belltown Dance Studio

Friend us on FB: Jim Chow or like us
On going Salsa & Bachata lessons at Belltown Dance Studio Salsa 6-week series On1/On2 starts
Tue. June, 30th or
Sun. July, 12th.
Bachata 3-week series starts
Sun. July, 12th


West Coast Swing Workshop & Dance Event 

Friday West Coast Swing - Workshop & Dance.
June, 26th Event
"Soleman Krebs & Angei Kostoff", two of the well respected dancers, they will offering special 2 hr workshop followed by social dancing.

Beginner WCS lesson where you will learn the basics to get you out on the dance floor and eager to learn more.

Intermediate WCS lesson, this is based on their very own lego system. They will take a basic move and add on a variation to create a new style.  Then they will add another lego on top of that newly created style to give you yet another WCS variation and style.

7:30pm $12 Beg. level - only $5 dance cover
8:30pm $15 Intermediate level - only $8 dance cover

Both for $25 - only $5 dance cover

$10 dance ONLY (Master/Visa excepted at the door)

DJ: Soleman Krebs & Hareesh Kapoor

BDS - WCS next 6wks series starts Mon May, 25th with Wren Newman & Scot McKay

Where to go Salsa or Bachata Dancing in Seattle 7 days a week: 

- Salsa/Bachata Dance Social @ Belltown Dance Studio: 7pm-11pm All ages welcome, 2217 3rd Ave. Suite 102 Seattle (cross Bell St.) Great place to practice $8 cover or $12 with intro lesson
Corbu Lounge: 10pm-1:30pm 115 Blanchard St. Seattle, WA $5 cover.

Salsa Practica @ West Hall 9:30pm – 10:30pm 915 East Pine Street

-Salsa @ Blue Martini at the Eastside 9:30pm til 2:00 am - No Cover, Free Parking (bring ticket to validate), Free lesson at 9:30pm

- DanceWorks Studio: 16641 Redmond Way Redmond, WA 98052 ph: 425-869-7595 open 8:30pm
-Bachata Dance,
Century Ballroom-East Hall 9:30pm – 10:30pm 915 East Pine Street
-The Scarlet Tree 65th & Revena 9:30pm til 1:30am; Live band - No Cover

- Salsa @ Century Ballroom: 915 E Pine St. Seattle (near Broadway)


-Monthly 2nd Friday All Ages Salsa & Bachata Dance at Belltown Dance Studio 2217 3rd Ave Suite 102 Seattle WA

- Salsa all other all ages Fridays @ East Hall Practica night 915 East Pine Street opens 9:30pm-12:30pm. & Century Ballroom: All ages Salsa-1st Friday of every month,

- Salsa @ Century Ballroom: 915 E Pine St. Seattle (near Broadway)


Salsa Group classes

6wks series starts

Tue. July, 7th

or Sun. July, 12th


Monthly Salsa & Bachta dance event

Friday, July, 10th

Come for the workshop 8bar challege

or just dance with us.


Salsa on Alki Beach

July, 11th

please go to
Salsa & Tango on Alki page for details



Level 1-3

3 wks series

July, 12th.

3pm - 4pm

See Bachata page for details


Weekly Sunday

Salsa/Bachata Social

All ages welcome!
7pm - Dance till 11pm

See event page for details


West Coast Swing

New 5wks series starts

July, 13th

please go to
West Coast Swing page for details


West Coast Swing

Workshop and Dance

Friday, July, 24th


please see workshop page for details


Tango Dance Social

Milonga Cachirulo Fri. July, 3rd

Monthly 1st, 3rd & 5th Fridays


Micro Fusion

Workshop and Dance

Sat. July, 25th


please see workshop page for details


Belly Dance

5wks series

Starts Wed. Aug. 5th


Argentine Tango

5wk/6hrs series

Thurs. Aug. 6th

See Argentine Tango page for details


Zumba & Urban fitness

Mon. Tue. Wed. Thurs. Sat. Sun

 See Zumba fitness page for more details


Belltown Dance Studio
2217 3rd. Ave. Suite 102

Seattle, WA 98121
Phone: (206) 930-7246



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