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Fall Salsa Intensive Program/Team Training 

Salsa On1 & On2 Salsa Intensive Summer Program and Team Training at Belltown Dance Studio (BDS)  June, 27th-July, 25th

((20hrs for On1 & 20hrs for On2))

You must be a level 3 - intermediate level, please contact Jim at BDS for any questions or concerns prior to your registration, you may also get certified by taking classes or prvt lesson at  Belltown Dance Studio

***Salsamania of BDS On1 & On2 dance team***
This is John & LIz hands on real team training team program where you would be hand selected from the program to join, and within the team, you will only be hand picked to ask to perform.
Important requirements:
To be consider, you are required to register for the full Salsa Intensive Program regardless if you have already completed one in the past.

About John & Liz:
John and Liz are one of the world’s top mambo dance companies. As a non-profit corporation, Salsamania's mission is to gain recognition in the world salsa community as having the best performance teams and training organization.

Salsamania Dance Company currently consists of two training teams (On 1 and On 2), four performance teams and over 80 members from 16 countries.

Salsamania dancers follow a structured dance education program allowing them to move through several levels while focusing on core values such as teamwork, professionalism, competition and grace. At the culmination of this training, skilled dancers who wish to perform may be invited to join one of our performance teams who compete and perform throughout the US and abroad.

John and Liz have honed teaching techniques that focus on the fundamentals—timing, technique, musicality, style and music history—enabling students to learn and progress rapidly. John and Liz, as well as other advanced members of Salsamania Dance Company, use these methods to teach over 400 beginner and intermediate students per week in community centers, night clubs, and dance studios throughout the Bay Area.

Their link: http://www.johnandlizproductions.com/


5wks Program (14hrs On1 or 20hrs On2 or both - 28hrs)
On1 Program
June, Wed. 27th 7:05pm-8:35pm - John Liz & Dalia
June, Fri. 29th, 6pm-8pm - John Liz & Dalia
** Salsa Jack & Jill Dance Party Fri. June, 29th - John Liz & Dalia
June, Sat. 30th, 1:15pm-3:15pm- John Liz & Dalia
July, Wed. 11th, 7:05pm-8:35pm - John & Liz
July, Sat. 14th, 1:15pm-3:15pm- John & Liz
July, Wed. 18th, 7:05pm-8:35pm - John
July, Wed. 25th, 7:05pm-8:35pm - John & Liz
** July, Fri. 27th Showcase Party John & Liz
14hrs total
On2 Program
June, Wed. 27th 8:35pm-10:15pm - John Liz & Dalia
** Salsa Jack & Jill Dance Party Fri. June, 29th - John Liz & Dalia
June, Sat. 30th, 3:30pm-5:30pm - John Liz & Dalia
July, Wed. 11th, 8:35pm-10:15pm - John & Liz
July, Fri. 13th, 6pm-8pm - John & Liz
July, Sat. 14th, 3:30pm-5:30pm - John & Liz
July, Wed. 18th, 8:35pm-10:15pm - John
July, Wed. 25th, 8:35pm-10:15pm - John & Liz
** July, Fri. 27th Showcase Party John & Liz
14hrs total


(Signed contract will be require, prepay by cash or check in person to void 3% Paypal fees)

Program Cost:
New students to Salsamania Intensive Program On1 or On2 $265
Return students: On1
or On2 $227

New student for both On1 & On2 (28 hrs) $400

Return students for both On1 & On2 (28 hrs) $350

To void 3% surcharge, please pay cash or check in person or send your full amount directly to salsa1jim@yahoo.com on paypal as "family or friend" Due to limited space as we try to reserve your spot, there will be a $25 processing fee if you cancel this program after June, 15th, 2018

Belltown Dance Studio
2217 3rd Ave Suite 102
Seattle, WA 98121
ph: 206-930-7246

Salsa Intense Workshop
Lead or Follow
Salsamania of Seattle On1 & On2 team


Optional Team Training:

You are not obligated to join Salsamania Dance Team, you must however be sign up for our full 24 hr intensive program to be consider to join our team training.

You are NOT garentee to perform, there will be assment that be base on your abilities and your dedication. Regardless, this can be an awesome experice to be able train hands on with two World Salsa Champions.

Salsamania of BDS On1 & On2 team training recruitment date Wed. Jan. 13th
More team members may be hand selected by John & Liz from the program on 2nd week.

10 hours instruction- Additional Team Due $125
Dates & time Please contact Jim Chow​ for details

Belltown Dance Studio
2217 3rd. Ave. Suite 102

Seattle, WA 98121
Phone: (206) 930-7246



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